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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chris' Moose

While shopping at The Red Door in Baton Rouge (during work weekend) I found the perfect birthday gift for Chris:
A moose wall hanging!

It makes perfect sense, right?

After all, THIS was my wedding gift to him:
A three-foot tall Sasquatch who still lives in our family room (eventually we'll put him outside...). In this photo you see him dressed up for our wedding. He changes outfits for seasons and occasions (you might remember him here, wanting to go skiing).

So, I figured a large moose would fit in nicely.

After buying it in Baton Rouge, I had to make sure I secretly got it home. That's a big challenge, since Chris packs (and unpacks) the car and this moose isn't tiny. With some distraction and trickery I was able to get it in the house without him noticing (it was wrapped up).

As soon as Chris went to work, I went to hanging the moose. I was ready for Chris to be surprised when he came home!

But after he made it home, he passed the moose four times without noticing it! I couldn't believe it!

Finally, I watched him walk towards the wall and ask, "what is this?". At which time I exclaimed "Happy Birthday!"

Chris is smiling in this photo, but he wasn't too sold on the moose. Thankfully it was a birthday present, so he can't say no. He even accused me of buying the moose because I liked it and just saying it was a birthday present so he would have to like it too. I would never admit to do that!

So as it stands the moose stays! I haven't dressed him for fall, yet... but I do have some Christmas garb in mind for him!