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Friday, October 14, 2011

Very Large Crawfish

On my last night in Maine, we gathered at the house for a lobster dinner.

I've never eaten a lobster like this, but it reminded me of a large (really large) crawfish!

First we visited the lobster tanks:
They were separated by weight-- from one pound, all the way to a whopping three pounds of lobster!
We chose the five that looked most tasty and headed home.

Here are two of the lucky ones:
See how happy they look? They can't help but dance in delight that they have been chosen to complete their fate by being a part of our dinner.

This dinner ended a week-long adventure in (and traveling to) Maine. It also ended my crazy summer travel schedule. I hadn't been in Houston for more than two weeks since May. I've loved seeing family, friends and new scenery... but I'm happy get back to my bed, my man and my routine.

The flight home was 29.5 hours shorter than the drive there, but it was still a full day of airports and airplanes. My second (and longer) flight was only about half full and I sat on the same row as a Delta pilot. He was the epitome of a pilot stereotype-- called me "little lady", winked at the stewardesses and when asked for his drink order he answered, "I'll take a cup of your best coffee, darling". Between watching his antics and my personal choice for an inflight movie (I love when flights have the personal screens!) I was entertained and comfortable as I headed home.

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