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Monday, November 14, 2011

Crafty Mom

I have a crafty mom. I can't remember a time when she wasn't turning cardstock into a boat, kleenax boxes into an adobe village or old tshirts into handy bags.

So it came to little surprise that I saw this at her house:
Magnolia leaves... turned into... any guesses...?
A wreath!

Remember how I turned a wreath into a garland? Well I did that at my parents house while they were gone. (I needed my mom's sewing machine.) Since the old wreath form didn't fit into the trashcan, I just placed it next to the trash can.

My mom finds this and decides to get crafty!
That's the old wreath form on the back.

And here's my mom with her creation! She asked me not to get her in the shot. And she said if I did get her in the shot that I'd better not post it on my blog! Whoopsie. ;)
Here it is on the door with all it's rustic charm:
A few days later, I came by and noticed she had spruced it up some more...
(Photo taken by my mom)

Not sure which I like better-- the spruced up version or the simple original one.

Either way, I guess I see where I get my crafty tendencies!

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  1. just beautiful! the leaves were from her tree out front huh? great idea!