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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Annual Hill Compound Mexican Train Domino Tournament

Our first night of Hill Compound Thanksgiving fun was met with a Mexican Train Domino Tournament.

Laura and I made the score board...
(I'll let you guess whose feet those are...)

After the basics of the score board were done, we added in the players names:
Tom "The Tornado" Beard, Laura "playing for 2" Hill, "Atomic" Andrew Klatter
Chris "no nickname" Hill, Katie "takes this too seriously" Hill, Conrad Kodiak Colin "to many nicknames to fit" Kopp
Jojo "standing in for Maria" Couvillion and PD "y'all want some wine?" Hill

Jojo started out as the score keeper...
But had to leave with baby Maria before the game was over...

So Andrew took over:
After a bitter fight, lasting many hours... the game was done and winners announced:
Andrew, Laura and Chris were the top three. (I won't mention that the scorekeeper was conveniently also the winner... or that we are hiring a third party accounting firm to take over score keeping for the 2012 Tournament...)

Conrad, my dad and I were in the bottom three. Conrad is holding the reason he scored so poorly... and I have no excuse for my bad playing.

That left our middle man... PD-- who scored exactly in the middle of the winners and losers!
This might be the only time that PD will ever be described as the "average"!

You might think the tournament is all fun and games...
But it's actually just the beginning of a fierce competition. I'm so distraught about my loosing score that I've already begun training with a dominoes coach so I can improve my standings for next year's tournament. 

Tomorrow I'll post about another first (and hopefully last) Thanksgiving tradition... "Spending the morning at the Baton Rouge Vet".

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  1. I love dominoes espically the train game! Believe it or not I actually learned how to play that in Mexico!