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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gordon Visits the Vet

Chris and I have noticed something odd about Gordon for a while now. He's more sleepy, has a bit less pep in his step and is in general just not himself. For a while, we've chalked this up to his getting older.

A little more recently, we noticed that he didn't want to jump off of things. Usually, Gordon stays in bed while I get ready for the day. Then, when I go into the office, he jumps off the bed and finds a comfortable spot underneath my desk. Lately, though, I'd hear him bark from the bedroom... wanting to jump down... but not. So I'd pick him up and take him to the office with me.

Again, we just thought he was getting older... maybe he'd hurt his paw... but he wasn't limping and otherwise seemed ok, so we weren't extremely concerned.

Then we went to Baton Rouge and he really started acting funny. We'd pick him up and he'd yelp in pain. Something was obviously very wrong.

That's the story of how I found myself in the vet's office the day before Thanksgiving.

Of course, we didn't want to stop the party at the compound... so the compound came with me! Well, a few of us: Laura, my dad, Chris, Gordon and I all attended this unscheduled Thanksgiving activity.

After lots of poking and prodding, the vet declared we needed to do x-rays.

The good news... the x-ray showed that nothing was wrong with Gordon!
The bad news? He was still in pain and we don't know why!

She gave us some pain medicine and anti-inflammatory pills and we had a doped up dog for the rest of our visit.

Update: we are back at home and Gordon seems to be just fine! What in the world? Was he faking for attention? Was he scared of Laura and Justin's dog, Tootie? (Shown here in a photo from last Easter:)
Who could be scared of that face?

It's a mystery... but I'm glad that (at least for now) I have a pain-free doggie!

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