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Friday, December 2, 2011

Laser Tag 2011

Each year, on the day before Thanksgiving, the Hill compound merges with the Cedars across the street and we all take part in some family laser tag. This has become one of my favorite Thanksgiving activities.

This year a very pregnant Laura had to sit out, so she took some photos from the observation deck:
Unfortunately, the fog and lights don't create an atmosphere conducive to some amazing action shots.

In the pre-game area we randomly draw for teams. Here are some of the boys proud to have picked team 2:
Chris and I were both on team 1:
(And yes, I did wear the penguin hat throughout the game.)

Once we had teams chosen and the rules barked at us from an unfortunate high schooler who took his job way to seriously... we were able to put on the gear!
Each vest has a different name on it so that you can find out your score and stats after the game. My name was "Phantom". (That will be important in a moment.)

Now I'm not known for my athletic power... or my laser shooting skills. And my competition was fierce-- former college athletes and video game playing maniacs. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the score board after the game:
If you notice, the purple team (mine) had a higher score than the gold team. My team won! More importantly, though, take a look at who scored the most points... Phantom!

We actually played three rounds and I was the high scorer for two out of the three! AND my team won all three rounds.

I can't lie-- I walked a little taller leaving the laser tag building than I had walking in. I might not be good at Dominoes or (spoiler alert!) Uno... but I sure can shoot a laser!

After Laser Tag we all went back to Laura's house for a Secret Scarf Society Meeting. That's all the information I'm allowed to give about that event.

On Monday I'll reveal the winner of the Halls Ferry Drive Iron Chef Competition of 2011!

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