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Thursday, November 10, 2011

LSU vs. alabama

I am an Aggie fan by education and an LSU fan by marriage. This just might cause some problems next year when the two teams start to play each other... but that's another post for another time.

One thing I like about being an LSU fan by marriage? I get to root for a team that actually wins! Sorry Ags, that was a cheap shot. But an accurate one.

Chris gets into the games that he watches. Really into them. So due to excessive yelling (at the TV), we decided it was best that he watch the LSU/alabama game at a friend's house and that I not attend.

So while I had a few friends over for a quiet evening of football entertainment... Chris left the house in an LSU tuxedo t-shirt and a 6-pack.

It was quite the game and after the big win, Chris texted me this photo:
When he came home, he had to whisper because he had lost his voice.

I've seen this man during many happy occasions-- promotions at work, 25 cent buffalo chicken wings, birth of his niece... heck, even his wedding day. But I'm not sure I've seen him more giddy then the day after this game.

Congratulations, sweetheart... and Geaux Tigers!

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