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Monday, November 7, 2011

Play Date with Cameron

Our dear friends are moving to the ITL (inside the loop) and Chris and I couldn't be more excited! She is pregnant with their second... and their first is a very active toddler! So Chris and I asked if we could have a play date with the toddler, while they packed up their house and prepared for the move.

Which is how I found myself at the park with a very active 18-month old boy a few Sundays ago!

We took Cameron to one of our local parks and he had a blast. Here's proof:
Hm. He doesn't look very happy in that one. Let's try another:
That one might be worse. How about this:
Oh good grief! Maybe it was just that he didn't like the photoshoot... Here he is smiling as he gets off the slide:
Well. Ok, you'll just have to trust me that Cameron had fun at the park!

As soon as we got home, though, Cameron started using his second favorite word (his first appears to be "no") and that was "dawg!". He loved Gordon and didn't want to do anything at the house unless Gordon was nearby.

For the most part, he was very gentle:
And Gordon didn't mind this little one petting (or at times poking) him. But we did learn that Gordon doesn't love kisses. And apparently Cameron does:

I put together a craft hat and foam stickers for Cameron to play with and he took it very seriously:
Look at that focus! He looked mighty good in his safari hat:

Later, we sat down to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... but of course Cameron didn't want to watch without Gordon close by:
This photo kind of looks like his about to punch Gordon... which I think is what Gordon thought... but really, he was gentle with the dog and Gordon was very patient with the little human.

In all we had a fun, action-packed afternoon with our young friend and hope to be able to have more play dates with young Master Brewer.

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