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Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Supper Club

Our October Super Supper Club was once again inspired by the Houston Junior League's Peace Meals cookbook.

Carrie arrived with Savory Pear and Chevre Pastries with Lemon and Thyme (p. 62) for our appetizer. 
They were a hit! In fact, we were eating them so quickly, that I hid one for Chris (since he was arriving late)!
She brought them already made (since they were the appetizer) but said that they weren't as complicated as they look-- which is my kind of dish!

 Stephanie brought our salad which was Radicchio Salad with Blue Cheese and Peppered Almonds (p. 110). 
There was some difficulty finding the Radicchio, but besides that, it was a "throw together" salad. Still, there are other salads that I like better, so it won't become a Hill House "old faithful". 

Ashley pulled double duty with two dishes: Pork Roast with Autumn Fruit (p. 203) and Sauteed Brussels Spouts with Truffle Oil (p. 209). 

Somehow I did not get a photo of the Brussels Sprouts, but we all agreed it could do without the Truffle Oil. Not only is Truffle Oil on the expensive side (and rarely used), but it didn't really add much to the flavor. In fact Ashley tasted the Brussels Sprouts before adding it and said it tasted better without it! Besides that it was 50/50 love/hate. Half of the guests like Brussels Sprouts, half don't. This wasn't the kind of recipe to convert the haters. 

However, the Pork Roast was mighty impressive:
 (I'm always a fan of dishes that require baking twine)

And into the oven:
Ready to be served:
It was great-- and perfect for Fall!

I was in charge of the desert which was Cranberry Cheesecake (p. 243). Per usual, I didn't read the directions until the day of-- only to find out that it needed to cool overnight. Whoopsie. It still turned out ok:
 But honestly, that no-bake stuff out of the box is better. And much easier. And doesn't require cooling overnight

 Then again, I often feel like a cheater if I make something out of the box. So maybe cheesecake won't be a common repeat in my kitchen. Which is probably great for Chris, as he prefers chocolate!

With only two months to go, the SSC has enjoyed our second year of meetings! We're already planning on the 3rd year's schedule!


  1. Yummy (looking)as always. mmmmmm.....cheeeeesecake! Just goes to show you, though, someone needs to invent a microwave refrigerator!

  2. ur dessert reminded me of my cranberry-orange cupcakes! http://harleycupcake.blogspot.com/2011/10/falling-leaves.html