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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stables Christmas Dinner

A few days before Christmas, I got together with the stables girls for our second annual Christmas feast!

Lindsey and her husband just moved into a beautiful home and they've been tastefully minimalist with their style. As someone who sometimes feels like my house would fit in an episode of Hoarders... it was very inspirational!

Lindsey prepared a delicious roast:
And we all enjoyed catching up around the dinner table:
Lindsey took us on a tour of the house:
And we all agree that the media room was awesome!
Afterwards we had our usual Christmas white elephant exchange and a group photo:
Not pictured? Our dear Tamara, who was flying back from Ethiopia the very next day after being out of the states for six months!

I so enjoy this tradition of spending time with my Stables ladies!

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