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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of these things is not like the other

In 2008 (is four years "Way Back" enough?), the church I was attending had a Valentine's social. The theme was "black and white".

Most of the ladies assumed this meant they should wear their most snazzy black and white cocktail attire.

I did not assume that:
I assumed I'd be surrounded by referees, panda bears and jail birds.

Knowing that theory, my penguin outfit fits it quite well, yes? In actuality, though, my outfit did not fit in quite well. Oddly-- this was not embarrassing for me. In fact, I refused to take the easy way out (wiping off the orange nose and taking the white paper off) and instead walked (and danced) like a penguin all night.

For the record, Chris and I were dating at the time, but he was out of town on business. Otherwise, there would have been a second (much taller)(and much more embarrassed) penguin at the party!

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  1. Ha, that is too funny! And props to you for sticking with your penguin costume :)

  2. Those of us who know you, don't find that odd at all...that's just par for the course! xoxo