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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Babies of Baton Rouge

Chris and I were able to make a quick trip to Baton Rouge a few weeks ago. Which means... it's time for more photos of my adorable nieces!

Lucy in her strawberry hat:
Can you tell what Justin is carrying?
It's little Lucy!
And when it's time to pass her off to mom... the sling becomes an easy stork-like carrier*!
*Probably not a use condoned by the manufacturer.

Maria had a grand old time in her... well... I don't really know what to call this:
But with the lights, colors and moveable parts... I'd say it's her version of Disneyland!

The cousins are becoming fast friends! I think...
While I was capturing the cuteness... the non-dads were enjoying a beer on the patio:
It's amazing how different the conversations were!

But Chris was able to come in and have some snuggle time with his newest niece:
Do me a favor, though... don't tell Chris I called it "snuggle time". Tell him I called it... um... "super manly holding of the baby". Or something like that. Thanks.

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