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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gordon in the Backyard

While Chris worked in the backyard, I grabbed my camera and tried some outdoor shots with little Gordon:
He did a little zoolander for me.
(Happy Dog, used for catalog.)
(Blue Steel, used for high fashion)
(El Tigre, it's new... I probably shouldn't even be talking about it!)

The next day I went out an hour earlier and used the correct light settings on my camera (whoopsie). Gordon was much less cooperative with the faces that we've practiced:
 But at least the lighting is better!

I also wanted to try to get some "jumping dog" shots.

This is from the first day and has been cropped and touched up (the light was bad) with Picassa:
This is from the second day and has only been cropped. I'm finding it's much crisper to take the photo right the first time, than to try and fix it later... 
Not quite the shot I was looking for, but still fun. Watching Gordon run is one of my favorite pastimes. He leaps like a dog, but runs more like a bunny! Hopefully I'll be able to capture that someday...

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  1. Definatley better lighting lol It's something that will become habit soon! Always after the first shot taken, playback your photo. Sometimes I still forget my previous settings and get some interesting photos! The "blue" ones can be easily fixed tho so keep them!! Great close ups and action shots!