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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gordon's Photo Shoot

It keeping with what seems to be pregnant family law, Chris and I bought a fancy pants camera. Working definition of fancy pants camera? Anything that's not an iPhone camera.

I figure the closest thing to photographing a toddler, is a dog... so Gordon became my instant model!

So here's Gordon, doing his usual afternoon routine: guarding the house:
Which is an exhausting job:
Every once and a while a biker, car or jogger will go by:
And Gordon scopes out the possible intruder:
On this day, he had me to deal with too. I tried to get him to look over at the camera, but it was rare and quick when he did. You know, the important work and all:
Guarding the house from pretend intruders is a tough job:
Sometimes is so exhausting that little Gordon can't help but take a snooze on the job:
But don't worry, the second someone walks by with their dog in tow? Gordon is back on the job!
So that's an hour or so in the life of my dog. Rough life, right?


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    1. I have to admit, he IS quite cute. Which makes the fact that he's so serious even more funny to me! Get excited-- there's a part two coming up on Thursday! :)

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  3. Going to be a jealous pup when the baby arrives.