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Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Rascals or Evil Twins

When Chris was in Buffalo he found this photo of his dad and Aunt Phylis (PD and Phylis are twins).
Chris thinks they look like little rascals. I think they look like evil twins from a scary movie (and didn't appreciate, by the way, getting this photo text at 11pm right before I went to bed!).

What's do you think?

Does this photo change your mind?
There's that PD smile... but Aunt Phylis is still giving the evil eye (or rascal eye?).

Feel free to leave a comment: would these two Hills be cast in a children's comedy or scary movie*??

*Obviously we know these two were little darlings and grew up to be wonderful adults... I'm commenting on the photo only.


  1. Uh, DEFINITELY scary movie twins! And as someone who used to get told she and her twin sister looked like the young sisters from The Shining (who were actually not twins), I totally have the right to judge :)

  2. DEFINITELY scary movie people! Creepy

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  4. Yep. Scary movie. But knowing PD, the photo to me is funny! So, I vote, a funny scary movie. Love these old photos; in fact, I'm getting ready to send an early 1950s photo of my brother and me to him for his b'day.

  5. That is so funny,,, P.D.- scary.... He looks mad in the first pic... the second is the P.D. everyone knows.....