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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Photography Class

My pal, Kristin, and I decided we needed some extra help with our new Fancy Pants cameras, so we checked out Farrah Braniff (www.farrahbraniff.com).

She has workshops fairly frequently and we were both very impressed with the experience! We were able to score amazon coupons (like groupon), but even at the listed price ($95), I think the class is worth it.

Kristin and I both commented that Farrah is a gifted teacher, with a talent/passion for photography. (Clearly, she's a gifted photographer too!) Going into the class, there was some fear that we'd have a passionate photographer who couldn't really explain things to us-- but that was not the case at all!

Farrah explained a small chunk of information, then showed each of us how to apply that to our individual cameras. Then we all went outside and tested it out.

Like this feather exercise she had us do (to practice with shutter speed). In both photos, the feathers are moving at the same speed:
(Taken with a "low and slow" shutter speed.)

The feather is still moving, but I changed the shutter speed:
(Taken with a "high and fast" shutter speed.)

What a difference!

After grasping the concept, Kristin and I took some silly shots:
As a working mom of three, Farrah was able to give practical advice on how to get good shots of your kids and family. I really appreciated that perspective (as opposed to someone who only shoots in a studio all day).

The key now is to practice, practice and hope that my blog readers don't get bored with photos of Gordon (my current "like a toddler" dog-model)!

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