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Monday, April 16, 2012


Chris and I have been very boring... busy the past few weekends. We adore our little house, but it is just that... little! And with a new tiny roommate on the way (one who, I'm told takes over the house), we realized that we need to get rid of half our "stuff". So my saint of a mother has been coming over and helping me make the hard choices (no, we don't need to keep the plastic cups from Mardi Gras, 2008!).

We very close to being finished and I couldn't be happier. Especially since "phase two" of prepping the house will be more crafty (making decorative pillows, hanging more photos/artwork on the wall, etc).

BUT there are some housekeeping things with this blog that I need to take care of too!

If you read this blog on a regular basis, consider "following" or "subscribing" to the blog (or both!). By subscribing (the orange button on the left-hand side) my blog will automatically come up in your "reader". If you don't know what that means... just follow me and continue what your doing. :)

Next I'll explain those other buttons:
1) The "subscribe" button that I just talked about.

2) I have two pages on the blog. You are probably familiar with the "Home" page-- it's where all my posts are! I've also created a "Disney" page where I've consolidated all of my Disney experiences. This has been helpful when I'm helping pals plan their Disney trips (the page is under construction-- more to come!)

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If you continue on you'll see a timeline of posts and photos of items from my etsy shop-- that's pretty self explanatory.

Housekeeping finished! Hopefully that clears up some questions you might have been having and hopefully you've found a new way to receive the quirky updates from the Hill House. Now I'm back to cleaning out the house and making tough  choices... like whether or not to keep my collection of Adventures in Odyssey cassette tapes from 1989... 

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  1. DONT YOu DARE GET RID OF ADVENTURES IN ODDESY!! if you are wanting to get rid of them just mail them to ME!!!!!! ps: miss you and am so excited to meet my new second cousin (i think that is the right level at least lol)