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Friday, April 13, 2012

Lucy Loves her Cousin

While hanging out on the patio for the "Hills Hit Houston" weekend, I had some good snuggle time with my niece, Lucy:
Lucy, enjoyed spending time with me, I'm sure. But really, she just wanted to give her cousin, Baby Boy Hill, a hug:
I mean really... how cute is this?
BBH, you're coming into a family with two boy cousins in Maine and two girl cousins in Baton Rouge... get ready for lots of  cousin adventures!


  1. This made my day. How cute is that???

  2. Sniff, sniff, oh, that's so precious! Sniff. Reminds me of when John (the Baptist) leapt in Elizabeth's womb, when pregnant Mary came to visit. Let's make sure all these cousins get lots of time together! I saw my cousins twice in my whole life. Sniff.

  3. ....and I LOVE the cute bib.