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Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Lucy's Baptism

A few weeks ago, Chris and I went to Baton Rouge to watch our youngest niece be baptized. It was an adorable time.

Here's Lucy, pre-baptizism:
Precious face!

And getting her bonnet secured just right:
Lucy's baptism outfit has been passed down throughout Laura's family, so it was very special.

Though it was also a little big for Lucy:
Here are the parents and god-parents getting ready for the ceremony:
And older cousin Maria, excited as well:
The priest came by and put oil on Lucy:
Then it was time for the water:
Lucy was held up in front of the church and everyone clapped to welcome her into the church family!
 Later, Mamma Laura received a special blessing:
As did Papa Justin:
Lastly a shot with the parents, god-parents and Papa PD!
It was a beautiful day and Lucy was blissfully calm during the entire ceremony. Another fun milestone with our Louisiana family.

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