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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Party for Lucy!

After Lucy's baptism, we all went back to Justin and Laura's house for a family celebration.

Laura did a wonderful job with the decorations and setting everything out just right. Unfortunately I didn't think to change the settings from the church and when I passed my camera off for "set-up" shots, they didn't come out well.

But we did get this one!
Lucy started out very content that everyone was there to celebrate her:
But quickly became disgruntled:
(Am I strange that I find photos of crying babies adorable?)(Maybe it's because you can't hear the crying!)

Some time with Papa and she calmed right down:
Later, Uncle Chris and I got a picture with our niece:
 Laura and Justin wanted to capture Lucy's footprints for a special project. Somehow Lucy knew she wasn't going to enjoy the experience and she wailed throughout the entire process. Normally, a baby crying isn't a good thing. But I took the opportunity to capture some more "crying baby" photos!
Getting inked:
Making her mark:

Five little toes!
Still not enjoying the process:
Adorable inked baby foot!
Finally done and safe in mom's arms (but her face shows she's not quite sure the trauma is over):
Maybe she remembered being in the hospital the other time she had to give her footprints? Either way, she calmed down as soon as the ink pad was put away!

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