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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sechler's Pickles

You might have noticed that I have a new opening photo on our blog. Here's the story behind the photo...

In 2010, Chris' family hosted a reunion in Indiana. We decided one day to visit the Sechler's Pickle factory. PD made all the calls and arrangements and we hopped in multiple cars excited for the adventure.

When we arrived, PD had an announcement for us: there were no tours at the pickle factory that day. He found that out, but thought we'd still have fun, so he didn't tell anyone until we got there!

Turns out, he was right! We shopped around the gift shop (you can too, here: http://sl6dev.mailordercentral.com/sechlers/) and took iconic photos with their giant Sechler's Pickle. Here is Chris and I:
 Justin and Laura:
Jeremy and Johanna:
PD and Dewey:
Michelle, Gabrielle and Audriana:
This features Gma! (with her two sons, her grandson (Conrad) and his dad):
And the whole gang who came for the pickle factory tour (and instead ended up with a bunch of pickles and a souvenir photo):
I've spent the morning giggling over these photos... what a fun memory!

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