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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WBW Easter Greetings

Welcome to Way Back When-sday!

While searching for Easter photos from Chris' side of the family, I fell a little short. It's not that there aren't any, it's just they aren't really obvious Easter photos.

Take this one, for example, of Jojo and Justin:
They might be in their Easter best? Or, it could just be a typical Sunday. (Ms. Karen dressed those three kids very well.)

I found another shot of Jojo and Justin with a basket... maybe an Easter basket?
Upon further review, I've been informed that's just a basket they kept next to the TV.

This for sure is an Easter basket:
But I'm not sure what baby that is... probably Jojo?

Lastly, I was sure that this must be an Easter photo... just look at Chris' outfit!
And look at those socks!! But Chris says this must have been taken before a birthday party because they were all holding gifts. I'm holding out that it's Easter...

Meanwhile, in the state next door, my parents made every effort to capture obvious Easter moments:
I'm rocking the hat and the bangs!

And again:
I think that was right before the Easter egg hunt!

So to all friends and family: take a few photos of your family and yourselves with some obvious Easter gear this Sunday. It will help out your future WBW bloggers! But also take a note from Ms. Karen and Papa PD-- those kids were dressed special every day. Because, shouldn't every day be celebrated?

Have a Way Back When-sday story that you'd like to share? (Particularly ones where you are wearing a floppy Easter hat??)

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  1. So darling, these photos! And every day WAS and IS special with you all.