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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WBW: Can you predict the future?

Chris was a cute kid:
But had (has?) a tendency towards mischief:
I was also an adorable child:
But had (have?) a propensity for pouting:
And a bit of what some might call an "attitude":
In fact, the one time I ever had detention was because I rolled my eyes at a teacher. (I still think my detention was undeserved and that my eye rolling was totally warranted. Hmpf!)

Meanwhile, Chris' mom tried washing his mouth out with soap when he gave her some sass. Once she put the bar in his mouth, Chris bit down and started chewing, "Yum... tastes great, mom." Uh... how do punish that?!

So I might need to load up on some parenting books for Baby Boy Hill. He's sure to be adorable... and quite a handful!

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  1. Ha- love the pouting pics... I have quite a few of those myself!

  2. Nevertheless, you were a ton of fun to raise, Katie........a constant source of entertainment!