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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WBW: Extreme Nesting

This week I've been talking about housekeeping and nesting so for today's Way Back When's day, I'd like to share an extreme home-makeover that occurred WAY before that was a "thing".

This is the house that my parents purchased when they were newlyweds:
My dad and his handy skills turned that into this:
And eventually this:
He did that while working a full-time job (starting his career at Texaco) and while my mom was pregnant with my brother (and even continued through my brother's newborn years). Sure, the house looks a little "built in the 70's", but it was my home for 18 years.

Even after they did the bulk of construction, my dad always had "little" projects he continued to work on. Projects like adding a "sky walk": a "floating" hallway that went from the second story main house to the second story of the unattached garage (which he turned into a game room). That portion happened after I was born.

Here's a photo showing how my parent's safely wrangled their two young children during this dangerous construction:
That's me hanging out in the middle of the action. Dodging saws and sharp nails, I'm sure.

And here's my brother and I safely posing for a photo:
Right next to a large hole coming out of the house.

It's a miracle I'm still here to tell the tale...

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  1. That is so awesome-- your dad was like the original Ty Pennington! I love how safety-conscious our parents WEREN'T in the 80s...makes me feel like we're all paranoid freaks nowadays!

    1. I agree! Are we paranoid freaks or were they too relaxed? I have a feeling the answer is somewhere in the middle... :)