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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nesting Controversy

I've hated our throw pillows for quite some time. They were a random assortment of pillows that Chris and I had in our bachelor/bachelorette apartments and all of them looked like they belonged in a college dorm room.

So the other day, I came home with four HUGE bags of pillows. Chris was a little concerned. Since I hadn't really shared with him my dislike, this seemed to be an expensive, out-of-the-blue activity. First I showed him these:
He really liked the large pillows on either side and started to relax a little.

Then I showed him these (this is actually just one pillow, but I bought two of them):
His reaction to this one was, "I don't understand it". I'm not sure you're supposed to 'understand' throw pillows, so I decided to keep them.

These go in our back sitting area (off of the kitchen):
I particularly like them because they are indoor/outdoor. So we can use them on our outdoor sofa when entertaining there.

None of this is very controversial, though, and I promised you some controversy in my title. So here's another thing I did:
 That's a photo frame around our thermostat!
I say it's awesome! My mom says its awful. Chris says he can live with it (smart man). 

Of course I got the idea from Pinterest:
And the original photo links to this blog where she was also teased for decorating her thermostat!

So if trying to 'understand' throw pillows wasn't enough, there's your controversy for today! Framing your thermostat: brilliant decorating move? Or strange nesting habit of hormonal pregnant ladies?


  1. Hmmm...framing the thermostat. At first glance, I wasn't a fan. But the longer I look at it, the more it grows on me! It reminds me of the frame around the peephole in the apartment on Friends, for one. I say that if you like it and your husband can live with it, enjoy your new frame!

    1. I kind of agree. At first I liked it... but it's growing on me to where I really, really like it! And yes, TOTALLY reminds me of Monica's apartment on Friends!

  2. I love it and am planning on doing the same once I fond the perfect frame!!!

    1. So fun! Make sure to send me a photo when you find it!