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Friday, April 20, 2012

Ending the Week of Nesting

Clearly I've been keeping busy the past few weeks on many home projects. To end our "week of nesting" I'll share a few random photos of things around the house.

*Confession: these were taking with my "fancy pants camera" and although I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of it, I'm not really great at capturing indoor decor. So... sorry about that.

We have a window box above our kitchen sink that I've always used as a spot to store random items. But I decided to actually give it some attention.
My mom helped me get the plants started and I'm hoping Chris' green thumb helps keep them alive (especially after I'm pretty sure I drowned them this morning while trying to water them).

I love this stained glass cross that was a wedding gift from our extremely talented artist friend: Jill Thomas. (Click on her name to access her website and click here to access the studio where she made it!)

And this little bowl came from my mom's closet. It was a trophy that my dad won during his sailing days.

Next up: some exposed shelves that are in the middle of our kitchen cabinets. Again, until recently, I used them to store random (and sometimes unsightly) items. But now...
Not sure I LOVE it, but it's better than how it was!

Some detail-- I love these cow-shaped coffee creamer servers!

 This vase is a recent thrift store find. It wasn't tall enough, so I placed it on top of a turned-over ramekin. Works for now!

I also tried to spruce up my table space:
I actually bought those leaf platters last spring and never used them.

So there you have it! Some random shots of amateur decorating at the Hill House! Have a great weekend!

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