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Monday, May 14, 2012

Day at the Bay in May 2012

This past weekend, the Hill clan went on a boat ride with my dad, Captain Tom. The relaxing day with family was just what Chris and I needed after a hectic few weeks!

Here's the captain in action:
Not to be confused with Justin, who enjoyed wearing the captain's hat:
My mom was feeling under the weather, so Chris stepped in as First Mate while we docked the boat:

It was the babies' first boat ride, so we had to take many photos to capture the occasion:
Check out their precious smocked dresses!
 Wait... where's Lucy?!
There she is! 

The weather could not have been better and we all enjoyed spending time on the deck:
But the view from the Captain's room was nice too!
All of the ladies (plus Baby Boy Hill sneaking in an appearance):
The little ladies even had a chance to sit in the Captain's chair!
(That's Maria, blocking Lucy from the camera.)
(And that's Lucy... biting a non-impressed Maria.)

As the sun went down, we enjoyed hanging out on the back deck:
Chris and PD:

Then we enjoyed the 'super moon' on the way home:
Chris and I loved having the Baton Rouge Hills in town again and everyone enjoyed spending time on the water!

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