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Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Dinner at the Hills

Chris and I hosted a little "bring your own dish" dinner the other night. Everyone brought a different piece of the meal and I'm happy to say it all came together well and tasted amazing!

I made a "looks so much more difficult than it actually is" dish: Artichoke Pie.
Really, it took me about 20 minutes to put together and people couldn't stop raving about how good it looked!

My pal Ashley made a salad (shown here with a slice of my "pie":
And Michelle (who's known among our friends for her amazing kitchen skills and hosting abilities) made Lamb Stew:

Carrie made these craveable cookies:
I might have had more than one. Or more than two. Or more than three. Ok, I had five. Don't judge!

And since I was feeling lazy, here is a shot of the meal from my point of view:
Ashley, Carrie and K-dog on the left,
Robert and Michelle on the right,
And my "I'd rather not be in a photo, ever" husband straight ahead.

You can also tell in the last photo that Robert also enjoyed more than one cookie (that's his hand reaching in from the bottom right). Whether or not he had more than four... I won't tell. But I will tell that there were only seven people at dinner and that plate full of cookies was empty within 20 minutes.

They were that good.

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