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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WBW: Lynn's Magic Potion

When I was younger, I had a Cabbage Patch doll that I creatively named Kathryn.

That's me on the right... and I do not know who is with my on the left?

Well little Kathryn (or Cabbage, as my mom prefers her to be named) has gotten quite dirty through the years. So my mom, decided to give her a little bath:
She's soaking in warm water and a little something we like to call "Lynn's Magic Potion":
I forget what all is in it (though I need to find out!), but it's a miracle worker for getting out stains. The only problem is that you need to soak the item for a few days. So little Kathryn Cabbage enjoyed a nice, loooong bath. When she was all new again, my mom decided to dry her:
But that didn't look too safe.

So she tried to hang dry her:

My dad had been out of town during the process, so you can imagine his surprise when he brought his dirty clothes to the laundry room:

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  1. Ha! As someone who loved her "Cabbage" as a child, I appreciate this post :)

    1. Um... you both posted at the exact same time. You MUST be twins! :)

  2. I was a big cabbage patch fan myself! I still sleep with my childhood blankies every night, and perhaps I should get that magic potion recipe because (gasp) I haven't watched them in 20 years!

    1. I need to get it from my mom and do a tutorial post-- my sisters-in-law have used it many times and LOVE it. (Not sure how they got the recipe and I didn't...) :)

  3. Cleaning "Cabbage's" head was a different story. My magic potion doesn't work on vinyl, or whatever it is. I tried rubbing alcohol, vinegar, non-abrasive cleanser to no avail. You know what worked? Toothpaste!