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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sewing Extravaganza

I finally have some new items in my etsy shop and I'm super excited about them!!

They are different themed gift set that includes two burp clothes, one reversible bib and one pacifier clip. They a perfect alternative to flowers for new mom at the hospital, a baby shower or "A Little Something Extra" for when you first visit a friend's new baby! Do I sound like an infomercial or what?!

So here is one, all bundled up and ready to give:
And once you unravel it, here are the separate pieces:

Appliqued Bib:
 Double sided pacifier clip (it's navy on the other side)(and you can see the other side of the bib on this photo):
 Plus two matching burp cloths:

 I have had more fun putting these together!

Here are some other themes:

(Songbird Monogram)

And I have about six more themes that are waiting to be made (sitting in piles in the craft room). So fun!

If you have a pal with a baby on the way (or a baby still in messy mode), consider these as fun gifts. Houston friends, contact me directly and we'll work out a drop-off so you don't have to pay shipping. And all friends, make sure to use coupon code: FOK2012 to get 20% off!

Ok, infomercial over... I promise!


  1. These are AMAZING! I wish I had friends/family with new babies. :)


    1. Thanks, friend! Good seeing you on Sunday! :)