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Friday, May 18, 2012

Maria Friday

Welcome to Maria Monday Friday!

Maria is a ridiculously happy baby. I mean, this girl smiles all the time!!
That's great, but we all know I have a thing about photos of crying babies... I know I probably need therapy, but I think it's so cute!

Right or wrong, you can imagine my delight when Maria started fussing while we were hanging out on the boat last weekend.

It started with a plea to go swimming:
But Jeremy, being the mean daddy that he is, wouldn't allow his 6 month old to take a dip in the Galveston Bay.

Maria tried reasoning:
Then the fussy face:
Then all out crying!
Woohoo! Crying Baby!!

Of course this little "tantrum" was short lived and she was smiling again within seconds:
Maria, come talk to your Aunt Katie... I'll teach you a thing or two about throwing a really good tantrum and mastering your pouty face! I'm an expert... just ask my parents!

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