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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinterest Project: FAIL

So now that I have a fancy pants camera, I decided I need a fancy pants camera strap. Actually, I didn't decide this... pinterest made me feel inferior for not having one...

So I clicked onto my "sewing projects" board and found some sites I had pinned. In case you're interested... these are those sites. Here, here and here. Although I used all three for tips, I mostly followed the middle link.

In addition to the fancy pants camera, I also just got a fancy pants sewing/embroidery machine. This seemed to be a good inaugural project.

It wasn't.
In case it's not glaringly obvious to you, let's start with the fact that the strap was too short:
Also, I didn't sew it up very well:
And the embroidery? That's supposed to be a bright blue:
I'd call this project a fail.

But I refused to let the project get the better of me! So I practiced a little, researched a little and tried again:
Much, much better! But don't look too close. The "Hill" is off-centered and it's upside down on the other side (conveniently not photographed).

I'll redo it again at some point, but I've been busy working on many other projects too. I'll share them as they are getting finished/photographed!

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