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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small Group Crawfish Boil

A few Sundays ago Chris and I hosted our Small Group for a good ole' Louisiana crawfish boil!

Over half of the group had never had crawfish before, so we were excited to introduce them to the tradition.

Here are the ladies, enjoying the a/c:
And here's Chris, getting dinner ready:
And a close-up of the meal:
We also had gumbo and boudin (and grilled chicken for the faint of heart).

Once the crawfish were ready, we all dug in!
You can see that even Baby Hill enjoyed them!

With guests from Kansas, Southern California and Africa, we weren't too sure what the reaction would be, but I was impressed that the last folks standing at the table were those non-Texans who had never had crawfish before!

One last shot of the ladies (next time, we need to remember to have a "guys" photo!)

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