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Friday, June 15, 2012

Parking at MD Anderson

The past 6 weeks I must admit I've been a little scatter-brained when it comes to anything BUT Chris' medical records. I couldn't tell you how to boil an egg, my email response time has been embarrassingly slow and I've put my OJ in the pantry (instead of the refrigerator) more times than I'd like to admit! But I can tell you that Chris' appointment two Thursday ago was on level 9 near elevator B. Going to my baby appointments has been especially fun as I've been answering their routine questions with answers that refer to Chris (like his DOB or medications)! That's brought quite the response from the nurses!

Knowing that their visitors are probably as scatter-brained as I've been, MDA's parking garages have different colored floors to help their guests remember. One day we ended up on level 10, the pink floor. That day I just happened to wear one of my favorite pink tops.
No danger in forgetting our floor that day!


  1. MUCH better than dropping bread crumbs!

  2. Awe! Try not to be too hard on yourself. You have pregnancy bran. I work with alot of expecting mother's who go through the same thing. So glad to hear that Chris is doing well :)