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Friday, June 22, 2012

Young Lovers Beware

It's wedding season! It seems like my Facebook feed is full of engagement rings and couples staring longingly into each others eyes. Something like this:
That photo was taken three years ago on our wedding day. And just like many of the couples getting married this summer, I had exiting plans for our future anniversaries (fancy dinners, romantic get-aways and sparkly jewelry were just a few of those plans!). And yes, Chris is wonderful and I've had many a fancy dinner, more than a few a romantic get-aways and plenty of sparkly jewelry in the past three years.

However. For our third year wedding anniversary, Chris and I went to the movies. 

So young lovers beware, this may be your life in three short years. 

It may start with some movie snacks:
And you might be overjoyed that your husband remembered that you like cherry slushies:
You might incur stares from other movie goers as you put your swollen pregnant feet up on the chair in front of you:
And force your husband to take an embarrassing photo in his 3D glasses:
Yes, it's true. Just three short years after your romantic wedding you might have a "boring" anniversary night out at the movies.


It may surprise you that this regular old night at the movies, is your favorite anniversary yet:
Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband. I love our romantic get-aways, our fancy dinners and the sparkly jewelry... but I love being your buddy most of all.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You two make up a very special couple! Every moment is special because of the love you share! Enjoy your day and many,many more days ahead! Love to all 3 of you!!