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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Day at the Beach

The last day of our Recuperation Vacation I woke up early and spent some time on the beach. Even though Chris couldn't touch the sand (and I spent very little time on the actual beach as well) there's just something about the salty sea air and sounds of the ocean that is instant relaxation.
(Our private walkover to the water.)

The beach is no place for shoes:
Our beach chairs (you can see the name of our house here too... Eau Natural):
Some beautiful beach houses:
We were next door to family friends, the Hunsuckers, who were staying at The Pearl (on the left):
Close up of Eau Natural from the beach:
(Can you spot Chris, Jeremy and Maria?)

Here's Chris on the porch (where he spent much of his time when he wasn't in bed):
One last view of the beach:
 I can't wait to go back! But I hope next time we can just call it a "Vacation" and not have need for "Recuperation"!

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