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Friday, July 27, 2012

Tech Guy Tom

I've really enjoyed using my new Brother sewing/embroidery machine. In order to create unique items, I've been downloading embroidery designs from the internet, then putting them onto my machine. This means I need to unplug my laptop, bring it over to my (tall) sewing table, plug it into the Brother machine and transfer the files. On Tuesday night I stayed up too late to finish a project and started a transfer. I brought the laptop to the (tall) sewing table...

Can you tell where this is going?

Before I knew it, my laptop was on the floor, the screen was clearly cracked (and showing some bright triangles) and I was in shock. From blogging, to emailing, to running my etsy business... I do everything with this computer!!

The next morning I called my tech-savvy dad in hopes he could point me in the right direction. (How to buy a new computer, how to transfer all of my files to this new computer, how to salvage what I could from the broken one... what to do!)

After researching laptop screens on the web, he found out he could replace the broken screen. He searched for the best deal, found $4 overnight shipping (amazing!) and went to work.

He took my computer and began his surgery:
That's my computer on the left side of the photo, and the screen on the right. Yikes.

Here's my dad working his magic:
Will it work?
Less than 48 hours before I was convinced it was a goner. And, truly, it appeared to be ruined.

But thanks to my dad, I'm back up and running... AND he ran a program that makes it faster than it was before the crash!

Thanks Tech Guy Tom, your skills always impress!

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  1. I think I've never seen anything Tom could not fix. He has some kind of "fix-it" aura! Honestly he can just come near to a broken electrical item, or pick it up in his hands, and it many cases, it starts working!!