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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bradley: Month One

We've made it through the first month (plus 6 days by the time this will post)!

At times we were all uncomfortable:

But we survived:
Despite a fair amount of tears:
Looks like Bradley has a question!
He wants to know his Month One stats!

Bradley, you are in newborn diapers and newborn clothes (and the newborn clothes are even a little big).
You are 7 lbs, 1 oz (I think... had a hard time reading the scale).
At your two week appointment you were 20" long, but I'm pretty sure you've gotten longer-- getting you into your sling has been harder the past few days!
We don't really have a schedule, but you seem to want to eat... alot. Then you go to sleep. With an occasional hang out time or forced tummy time mixed in.
You once slept for 6 hours in your crib! But usually it's more like three hours at a time.
You've been spoiled to have Mom AND Dad home this month, but that's all going to change now that Dad is going back to work.
Your nicknames are: Squealy-Bopper, Fussy Face, Little Buddy (not Fuzzy Buddy-- that's our dog), Houdini and Sir Grouchy Pants. 
You met your 97-year-old Great Grandpa Beard this month (as well as Papa T, Papa P, Mimi, Aunt Jojo and Cousin Maria).
We're still learning why you cry and what we can do to help you... but it's a process! You seem to like to be bounced, rock in your rocker (sideways), be swaddled and hang out with mama in the sling. You also love to eat with mama (but will also take a bottle of milk-- woohoo!) and your pacifier wab-a-nubs. Sometimes you like riding in the car and going for walks in the stroller, but other times you scream. So... not sure how you feel! You started the month loving the sound machine app on our iPhones, but after about three weeks it stopped doing the trick.
You found your lungs and now know how to SCREAM when you're unhappy. You also started producing tears-- which break my heart!
You have some great facial expressions and seem to look serious/concerned most of the time. You furrow your brow often. This makes us both laugh as we imagine the boy and man you will become.
My favorite time is your early morning feedings (around 5am). After you're done we snooze in the chair until Daddy wakes up for diaper change.

We are sleep-deprived and get a little frustrated when we can't seem to keep you from crying... but usually you're a happy, adorable baby and we love having you in our family!

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  1. Hey Katie! I just love following your blog! Congrats on Baby Bradley and good luck! You're doin' great. :)