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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WBW: Changing Times

The past two Way Back When-sdays I documented Bradley's birth. He was born at Women's Hospital, which is also where I was born! I found some photos of that day...

Here's my mom getting gassed up for the c-section:
I asked for some of the gas mask (due to my self-diagnosed pain intolerance) but I guess they don't do that anymore.

Pretty soon I was born and my parents took a similar photo that Chris and I took 5 weeks ago:

And just like Bradley, I got my footprints documented:
Later, I was weighed (by someone with awesome hair):
And for some reason put into this cooker:
I adore this photo of my mom and I:
When it was time to leave, it appears as though my mom was wheeled out by a thirteen-year-old volunteer.
And look at all those plants!

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1 comment:

  1. Your brother Brian, age 4, was a very PROUD big brother. He told everyone on the block he had a baby sister!