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Monday, October 8, 2012

Bradley's Medical Adventure

Between Chris' adventure at MD Anderson and my adventure at the Women's Hospital of Texas... you'd think the Hill family would be all tuckered out. But little Bradley wanted an adventure of his own... so I got to know a third hospital this year... Texas Children's.

Actually, it wasn't so bad. Bradley's left kidney is a little large, so they wanted to do some tests. He was a little nervous about his ultra-sound, but Mimi assured him that it wouldn't hurt.
He was so good during the exam!
I told him that I'd had many ultra-sounds during the past nine months-- and not one of them was painful!

He did have to have another test a week later-- which was a bit more involved. But Bradley smiled through most of it (minus the part where they used a catheter... yikes) and snuggled up with mama when it was all over.
The diagnosis came back good: Bradley is a healthy, normal boy. His left kidney is a little bit of an over-achiever, but there is no cause for concern. Hopefully this is the last of the adventures for the Hill House... I think we've earned a year (or five) away from the Texas Medical Center!

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  1. What a little trooper! So glad to hear all is well!Love you all, Deb