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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gordon and Bradley

We're changing things up a bit-- I've decided to only host Way Back When-sday on the first Wednesday of each month. So get excited for awkward family photos coming your way on November 7th! Until then, we'll have more fun stories from the Hill's Country!

Many friends have asked out Big Brother Gordon has adjusted to Bradley's arrival.

He's been great! Gordon is interested in Bradley enough to acknowledge their joint existence, but nothing more.
It's hard, but we're trying to still give Gordon lots of love.
And even though he's not the only little creature in our lives anymore, he's still enjoying some benefits from Bradley's arrival. Like this new pillow, that Gordon thinks is his!
Two things that would have gotten Gordon a one-way ticket to Papa T's house: any aggression towards Bradley (obviously) and waking up Bradley from a nap due to barking. The second one was pretty likely to happen, Gordon just can't help but defend our home against the suspicious mailman! But good for Gordon, Bradley is a heavy sleeper and doesn't even flinch when Gordon sounds the alarm. I'm glad, because our two buddies are too cute to separate!

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  1. Gordon will adapt. He already knows Bradley is one of "the pack".