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Friday, October 12, 2012

Ahoy from Bradley

My mom tried to take photos of me today:
She thinks my outfit is cute, even though my sailor hat is clearly to large:
Ug. Will she ever stop with the camera?
Putting me on my side doesn't change my dislike for these shenanigans, mom.

 Ok, that's it... I'm putting an end to this silliness!
I hope you've enjoyed these photos. I did not.

--Bradley Danger

1 comment:

  1. Bradley, I dare to say, "Get used to it." Even your Mimi has been known to snap an inordinate number of photos. In a few months though I imagine you will be smiling at all the attention you get from photo shoots. And the photos will be so fun to see at your rehearsal dinner (way in the future)!