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Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas in Houston

Just a few more Christmas posts and I'll be all caught up!

Bradley has a few Christmas-themed outfits that he could only wear this year, so I did my best to photograph each of them.

Like this hat, for example:
Something tells me, Bradley's not a fan:
We spent Christmas Eve with my parents, my grandpa and his lady friend, Martha.

Here's my dad with his dad and my son:
Bradley and my mom always have fun together:
And Martha and Gordon chilling on the sofa:
Father and son:
Two good looking fellows!

After an early supper we went to our church's early Christmas Eve service. I'd only gone to the midnight service (a very serene candlelit service) so it was quite a change to go to the "kid's" service-- full of excited babies and even a few live animals for the nativity portion! No photos from that... so just imagine chaos and a stubborn donkey who didn't want to leave the stage.

Yep, Christmas is different with a little one... but I'd say it's a good change!

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  1. Yes.....aaaahhhhh......your adventure is on its way!