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Friday, January 11, 2013

Cousin's Photoshoot

On the day we had Bradley baptized, we had two opportunities to get the cousins together for a little photo shoot. Maria had just turned one year, Lucy was 10 months and Bradley was 3 months.

First we got them together at Tiny's no 5. I think this is the best one:

It was shortly after this photo was taken that Maria let us all know she was finished:
The two older girls were full of energy and poses. Bradley, however just looked scared the whole time:
Afterwards we tried again at the house.

At first Maria was NOT interested:
 Lucy took note and decided to follow along with Maria:
Turns out, however, that Maria was just faking it. After flaying her self onto the sofa, she'd look up with a grin:
Bradley was his typical stoic self (never really sure how to react among these two ladies) until he decided enough was enough:
Somehow in the middle of this chaos, we were able to get a fairly good shot of all three:
Looking forward to when we can bribe them all with M&Ms and get three smiling kiddos in one frame!

(Speaking of smiling... here's the ONLY photo that my usually grinning boy smiled for:)

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  1. Great photos! I am sure they will love looking back at these photos when they are older!