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Monday, January 14, 2013

Santa Baby

I adore photos of babies crying on Santa's lap. (I wonder what that says about me?) It's probably really annoying for Santa and the parents (not to mention the poor traumatized child), but I find them hilarious.

So you can imagine what I was hoping for when I took my son to see Santa this year. But instead of a wailing child, I got this:
No stranger danger, no fear... just a smiling little baby.

I guess I'll take it. ;)

But now, let's check out Santa (click on the photo to make it larger):

Where's the twinkle, old man? Bradley has clearly picked up on your disinterest.

Turns out, we had a second opportunity to see Santa this year. So we took it. This time I was ready. I went right around nap time. I was sure to have a cranky, crying baby!

Just a pitiful look that says, "please stop these shenanigans and let me go to sleep. Please."

Oh well... there's always next year!

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