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Monday, August 5, 2013

Mr. Mayor, Meow

Early in our Alaska week, the Hill Siblings, Spouses and Kids went on a mini-adventure to Talkeetna. Where we hoped to meet with the mayor. Who is a cat. Not kidding.

We never found him... though we did see some birds squawking in a cage at the general store... pretty sure it was a city council meeting.

Here are the cousins with the mayor's house in the background:
After checking in on the city politicians, we all went to lunch.
Here's the whole group:
Maria gave Bradley a crayon:
And I helped him color the kid's menu:
All in all, I was very impressed with our young diners who were very well behaved!
After lunch we strolled around the town:
And found a lake to use as a possible Christmas card background?
Bradley was not impressed.

The cousins were wearing coordinating shirts that Johanna designed and I made. There was Maria the Moose, Lucy the Lone Wolf and Bradley the Bear!

Looks like Bradley went for payback after his hat was stolen at the pumpkin patch!
(Can we pause for a moment. Click on that link... how little they are!)

The best shot of our three Alaskan animals:

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