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Thursday, August 1, 2013

On our way

Months of planning. Preparing for this moment. I read articles on the internet. I polled friends. I talked to Bradley's pediatrician. I contacted the US government. All of the prepping, lists and research came to this moment:
A twelve-hour travel day. Six of those hours on a sold-out flight from Dallas to Anchorage. With an eleven-month old. Yikes.

Of all the traveling-with-baby tips that I received. This was my favorite:

"Travel with baby in his PJs onsies."

Yes, it's true that he wasn't as fashionable as he could have been. But it was cleaner, easier and more comfortable for everyone. No need to look for a lost sock at the end of the flight!

First thing we did after going through security (and getting a full screening with all of our liquid baby foods)? Margarita's!
Bradley was a champ on the flight from Houston to Dallas. Immediately fell asleep and stayed asleep until landing!
(Chris fell asleep too!)

The flight to Anchorage? Not so much... But he did enjoy a light up toy I packed:
He loved pushing the button himself and would swat away my or Chris' hand if we tried to do it for him!
He also enjoyed looking out the window:
Especially while we were closer to ground and he could see the mountains and ocean.
I don't have any photos of the flight back, because he slept 85% of the time! Woohoo! Especially since it was a red-eye. Yikes!

Bradley's first plane ride was a success! And a big "thank you" to the two men that sat next to us (one on the way up and one on the way back). Sorry for the few random pokes and yelps!

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