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Friday, October 18, 2013

Riding Rides and Meeting New Friends

Bradley's first ever Walt Disney World attraction?

Peter Pan! Despite the blurry photo, I think he liked it.

We used a stroller to walk around Magic Kingdom, then I put him in the Baby Bjorn for the lines and rides-- that way he couldn't somehow squirrel out of my arms! It worked well.

Bradley was pretty serious on all of the rides:
Even when I tried to get him excited:
 (Although, after Dumbo I put him in the "fake Dumbo" for some photos. There was a line, so Bradley had a bit of an audiance... and wow, did that little guy perform!)

On the rides, though he was very observant. Wasn't scared of anything, but didn't really clap and laugh, either.
Until... the TIKI ROOM!
This kid LOVED those animatronic birds!
Really, really loved them.
It took him 15 minutes to calm down after we saw the show!
It was, by far, the highlight attraction for Bradley.
He also met a princess, which he didn't mind:
And the big cheese himself, which didn't go quite as expected:
It almost looks like he's smiling in that photo, but trust me... that's a squirm and a whimper.

All in all, Bradley was a TROOPER and his first visit to the Magic Kingdom was a success! He was there for the opening (9am) and stayed through until it closed (7pm)-- with two snoozes in the stroller. No major meltdowns lots of rides! Now there's only one thing to do... plan our next trip!

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