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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Animal Kingdom Lodge- Kidani Village

For Bradley's first hair cut trip, we decided to stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge-- Kidani Village. We chose the Kidani side because it's the "vacation club home" side. That means we had a mini-kitchen which is so nice to have when traveling with a toddler!

But, the real reason we wanted to stay there was the balcony:
It overlooks the Savannah... meaning you get to see...
Animals! Lots and lots of animals!
I was pleasantly surprised with how many animals there were (and how close)! Bradley made a noise while we were on the balcony and a zebra stopped eating and looked up at us.

Another perk of the resort? A great pool!
Bradley loved walking into the pool himself and kept going until he'd plunge face-first into the water. I'd panic, but he always came up laughing!
Then we checked out the splash pad:
Which he also loved, of course:
A short walk to the other side of the resort gave us access to a great playground:
Bradley has just discovered the joys of slides... and this one had FIVE different ones for him to run to, point at, then grunt until Daddy agreed to pick him up and let him fly!
This was a great resort that I'd recommend anyone-- but we especially found it convenient for traveling with our little guy.

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