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Friday, October 11, 2013

Behind the scenes at the Magic Kingdom

Adorable photo, right?
My sweet baby boy, walking up to the castle.

How about this one?
Mother and son walk up mainstreet.

So yeah... here's what's going on behind the scenes:
Not quite the magical moment...
Ah well... he cheered up pretty fast!


  1. Nobody there -- that alone is magical!! (says the girl who used to live in FL and have a Disney season pass and WISH for empty Main Stree). Miss you guys!!

  2. We went during a s-l-o-w time and got there 30 minutes before they opened... it was a DREAM! We walked onto almost every ride!
    Hope y'all are doing well! :)

  3. Those mouse ears! The strap is the problem. I always secured mine with bobby pins. Of course that means the wearer has to have enough hair .....